When it comes time for you to sell, I welcome the opportunity to purchase your coins and bullion. It does not matter how small or large your collection is - I am interested. I do not cherrypick!! I make offers on your entire collection, not just "select" pieces. Because of my knowledge of this industry, I am able to give more than Pawn Shops, Online Stores, and Metal Exchanges. If fairness, honestly and respect is what you are looking for when selling your coins or bullion, then give us a call.


I actively sell silver in most applications: - Government Issued Bullion - Private Bullion - Constitutional Silver - 1, 2, and 5 oz. Rounds and Bars - Fractional Silver - Silver Dollars (Circulated and Uncirculated)


Let my years of experience help guide you with your collection. Whether for an Insurance Policy, an Estate Issue, an Investment Strategy, or just for Personal Knowledge, we give accurate unbiased assessments of your holdings.